Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where my love of fabric began...

We're camping at Pismo Beach, CA for a few days so I decided to drive 20 miles to my childhood home town, Santa Maria. There is a fabric store there that holds so many memories to me that I fall in to some kind of trance whenever I visit.

The original location of Betty's Fabrics, (sorry, they don't have a website), was long ago knocked down to make way for construction of a large mall but today I felt lost in a time warp. Much like when I'd trail behind my mom as fabrics brushed my arms and cheeks, and when I'd taken my own small children shopping here in the early 1980s, I wandered around touching the silks, and gazing at everything from batiks to baby prints.

They've got a great color library on the back walls!

The store is bigger than "just a quilt store" and features home decor, bridal, and wool fabrics. They've got a great selection of trims and buttons too.

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