Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Caution! This RV stops for Quilt Stores!

Welcome to this tour of quilt stores and quilt projects during our travels! I don't plan to buy much on this trip--more about that as we go along--but that doesn't stop me from shopping! I hope to share with you all the fabulous quilt and fabric stores I discover along the way!

Our first stop after leaving snowy Sisters on Nov. 22 was Redding, CA. This is usually a one-night stop but after a tiring drive we decided to stay 2 nights. This gave me an opportunity to return to Sew What, http://www.sewwhatquilts.com/ , a quilt store right off I-5 which I'd passed many times but finally stopped to visit this past summer. This store carries a lot of contemporary fabrics and batiks, and has a nice yarn department too.

They've got a nice sitting area in the book section!

Next time you pass through Redding, take time to stop at Sew What and see what's happening.

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